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In addition to small business consulting you will also find us writing for small business magazines, women's publications, and contributing to some other really interesting projects.
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"Having Eileen as a part of your marketing/PR team, would propel your business beyond the competition. She demonstrates a high level of marketing savvy and would be a tremendous asset to any company. Eileen has a vision for the brand and provides great insight about how to best market your business. I have consulted with her on several projects and she always provides clear direction and finds unique opportunities to showcase your brand, where social media competition is fierce. She is incredibly well-connected and can reach a wide audience through online and print advertising. It is with great enthusiasm, that I recommend Eileen and SleeveShirt Consutling for any project or business!”
- Susan C.
Destination Real World Success After Graduation
Authored by Amanda Haddaway, I was thrilled to be a feature contributor. Pick up your copy on Amazon today!
"...She has an uncanny way of really understanding what your business is about and what she can do to help it. She is always exploring all avenues and leaves no stone unturned. If you are ready to move your business forward, Eileen should be at the top of your list to help get you there." 
- Barbara G.
SleeveShirt Consulting Small Business Coaching
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